10 buttonhole styles for a modern and elegant groom look

On your wedding day, every detail counts to create a perfect and memorable look. Buttonholes, those small floral arrangements worn on the buttonhole of the groom and his groomsmen, bring a touch of elegance and refinement to their attire. In this article, we will present 8 buttonhole styles for a modern and elegant bride look. Feel free to visit the Florilège Jardinerie page to learn more about it and find inspiration for your wedding buttonholes.

1. Timeless elegance 

The classic buttonhole is a timeless and elegant choice. Opt for a single flower, like a rose or carnation, in a color that harmonizes with the rest of your outfit. Classic buttonholes are easy to make and suit all wedding styles. This traditional style is a safe bet that will never go out of fashion.

2. Country charm 

For a country or bohemian wedding, the rustic buttonhole is a perfect choice. Use wildflowers, aromatic herbs, and twigs to create a natural and relaxed arrangement. Rustic buttonholes bring a touch of charm and authenticity to your look. This style is ideal for outdoor weddings or those with a more casual atmosphere.

3. The modern touch 

Succulents are becoming increasingly popular in weddings. A buttonhole made of a small succulent plant adds a touch of originality and modernity to your outfit. Succulent buttonholes are also very resistant and will last throughout the day. This unconventional choice is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

4. Summer softness 

For a fresh and relaxed look, opt for a cotton flower buttonhole. This delicate and light flower will bring a touch of softness to your outfit. Cotton flower buttonholes are perfect for summer weddings or seaside weddings. The airy texture of cotton flowers will complement the breezy atmosphere of your special day.

5. The sustainable alternative 

If you are looking for a sustainable alternative to fresh flowers, paper flower buttonholes are an excellent option. You can choose colors and patterns that match your wedding theme. Paper flower buttonholes are also a wise choice for grooms with allergies. This eco-friendly option allows you to have a beautiful buttonhole without the environmental impact of cut flowers.

6. The brooch buttonhole 

For a decidedly modern and elegant look, opt for a brooch buttonhole. Choose a brooch that reflects your personality and style, such as a retro tie pin or a personalized badge. Brooch buttonholes add a touch of originality and sophistication to your outfit. This alternative to traditional flowers is perfect for grooms who want to make a bold statement.

7. Seductive luxury 

A feather buttonhole brings a touch of seduction and luxury to your groom look. Choose colorful and textured feathers to create a unique and eye-katchina arrangement. Feather buttonholes are perfect for chic and elegant weddings. The soft, flowing nature of feathers will add a touch of glamour to your ensemble.

8. Personal expression

Finally, don’t be afraid to personalize your buttonhole by adding elements that represent you. You can integrate a small meaningful object, such as a button from your grandfather’s jacket or a tie pin offered by your future wife. Personalized buttonholes make your look unique and special.

9. Nature on the wrist

For an eco-friendly wedding or a natural look, opt for a wooden buttonhole. You can choose materials like cedar, oak, or bamboo, and have your initials or a symbolic motif engraved on them. Wooden buttonholes bring a touch of warmth and originality to your outfit.

10. The poetry of time

Dried flowers are experiencing a resurgence in popularity for weddings. A dried flower buttonhole, such as lavender, immortelle, or wheat, brings a touch of poetry and nostalgia to your look. Dried flower buttonholes are also very durable and can be kept as a souvenir after the wedding.


Buttonholes are a key element of the groom and groomsmen’s look. By choosing a good and perfect buttonhole style that matches your personality and wedding theme, you will bring a touch of elegance and refinement to your attire. Don’t forget to visit the Florilège Jardinerie page to discover even more ideas and inspiration for your wedding decoration. 

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